Monday, February 25, 2013

Community Service Diary: A Great Community Partner

NCS staffers Raul, Janet and Johnathan with Sid Walters (middle) from Bethel.

A community justice initiative, like Newark Community Solutions, by definition will only succeed with the support of strong community partners. One of our best is Bethel Family and Youth Resource Center.  In addition to providing community service opportunities, they offer substance abuse treatment services for some of our participants. Pastor Reginald Osborne and his wife Marian Osborne, the operators of Bethel, have committed decades to serving the community. So, back in 2007, we were understandably thrilled that Pastor Osborne and other community and religious leaders stepped forward to lend us a hand while we planned the project that would become Newark Community Solutions. Six years have passed and the Osborne’s are helping our participants achieve their goals.