Thursday, November 15, 2012

Court, Police and Residents Problem-solving in Newark's 2nd Precinct

Last night, I had had the pleasure of meeting with Newark residents and police officers at Newark’s 2nd Police Precinct.  Talk about spirited dialogue!! At the conclusion of my presentation on where things stand at Newark Community Solutions, long-time and new residents alike gave their views on public safety and offered up ideas on how the court can help them. I couldn’t help but come away encouraged, both by the respectful tone of the exchanges and the participants’ obvious dedication to working with their justice system partners. A few quick takeaways from the meeting. 
  •   Residents want a better understanding of the court’s priorities and resources.

  •   Despite figures showing a decrease in crime, visible signs of public disorder, like trash strewn parks and aggressive panhandling, discourage some residents from enjoying their public spaces.*  
  • Residents are receptive to working with NCS to create additional community service projects.  
The meeting was made possible by the 2nd Precinct’s Commanding Officer, Captain Ivonne Roman, Executive Officer Lieutenant Michael Leroux and our friends at the Center for Collaborative Change. 
*Crime is down in the 2nd Precinct over last year.

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